Release Notes

December 2021 - Version 2021.12.16.1

Additional Account List interactions - Added additional Account List APIs to delete Account Lists and Account List Folders.

August 2021 - Version 2021.08.12.1

Account List interactions - Added APIs to manage Account Lists, Account List Folders, and Accounts on Account Lists. These endpoints allow for programmatic interactions with Account Lists, such as synchronizing Account List membership with external applications like marketing automation tools.

  • Create Folder
  • Get Folders
  • Create Account Lists
  • Get Account Lists
  • Add Accounts to Account List
  • Remove Accounts from Account List
  • Preview Accounts in Account List
  • Download Account List

April 2021 - Version 2021.04.23.1

Developer Portal Launch - Launched Terminus Platform API Developer Portal

Bulk Export API - Added APIs for bulk export of Terminus channel engagement data. These endpoints allow for the programmatic scheduling, export, and retrieval of Terminus display ad engagement data to allow for upload or synchronization with other business intelligence (BI) application reporting, data visualization, or other external data warehouse needs. Bulk Exports available include Tactic creative performance and account interactions with display ads.

  • List Export Jobs
  • Create an Export Job
  • Update an Export Job
  • Retrieve an Export Job
  • List Export Job Executions