Frequently Asked Questions

I have created an export, but the List endoint is not returning any results.

It is possible for any List API to return a blank set of results, but if there is a nextPageToken there may still be results on subsequent pages. To ensure that you receive all results from any List API, you must call the API with the subsequently returned nextPageToken until no nextPageToken value is returned.

Do I need to create an export job each time I want to export data?

No. When you create an export job, you specify the schedule that the job will run on. The job will then run up to once per day on the schedule you have specified, and will continue to run on that schedule unless you do not retrieve results for over 30 days.

Will data exported from the Export API be real-time up to date?

No. Data exported from the API that is older than 48 hours is stable, but data from the last 48 hours is subject to change and may be incomplete.